Minimal Impact


Nightfall is  genuinely sustainable holiday eco-accommodation which gives back to its Queensland environment,  minimising daily-emissions to achieve close to a zero-carbon footprint.

Sustainability is a priority, clearly evident both in design of the camp and  its operation. Nightfall camp is committed to –

•   deliver an exemplary nature-based tourism opportunity, in keeping with the highest standards for environmental best practice
•   minimised emissions through use of renewables (5KW on-site grid-connected solar system,  with consideration of future micro-hydro power generation)
•   maximising energy efficiency through design,  energy conservation and guest/staff education
•   minimising waste through a reuse,  recycle,  reduce and recover practices
•   minimising transport emissions through considered vehicle use,  bulk buying and provision of an electric buggy on site
•   minimising water use through design,  low-flow fittings,  low-water toilets,  education
•   minimising noise pollution by limiting cars to entry car park and  ʻsilentʼ electric buggy
•   minimal chemical pollution  – chemical-free camp site,  education,  provision of biodegradable toiletries and cleaning agents;   organic/biodynamic food gardens,  emphasis on manual weed control
•   using only native plants for re-vegetation work, with local provenance preferred
•   minimising soil erosion through careful management and rehabilitation
•   meeting advanced certification requirements of Eco-tourism Australia
•   increasing understanding of the importance of conservation activities,  emissions reduction and minimal impact living